Certification Information

Maryland and Delaware have comprehensive websites that provide the most current information regarding treatment plant operator certifications. 

Maryland Board of Waterworks and Waste System Operators

State of Delaware Board of Certification for Wastewater Operators

Full text of COMAR Title 26 Maryland Department Of The Environment Subtitle 06 Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators 

State of Delaware Office of Drinking Water 


Maryland Approved Training Courses 

Maryland Certificate renewal conditions require the holder to take training that has been reviewed by the Training Review and Evaluation (TRE) Committee and approved by the Board as appropriate for the classification of Certificate being renewed. Only training that meets this criteria can be used to satisfy this renewal requirement.

To obtain a copy of this Maryland State Approved Training List (sometimes called the "TRE List") from the Board's Administrative Office, any of the following four methods may be used:

1. View the list directly on the MDE web site at http://mde.maryland.gov/programs/Permits/WaterManagementPermits/Pages/Search.aspx (Opens in a new browser window.)

2. Call them at (800) 633-6101 x3167 to request that a printed copy be mailed to you. There is a copying fee, determined by the Board, for this service. Be sure to ask what the current fee will be.

Current List of Maryland Certification Application Forms

Newly hired Operators should use this form to apply for a Temporary Certificate to comply with State law while obtaining experience and training in preparation for taking an Operator certification examination.
Holders of Temporary (and other) Certificates should use this form to apply to take an Operator certification examination as part of the qualifying criteria to obtain an Operator Certificate.
Operator Certificate holders who are appointed by their employer as the facility's "Designated Superintendent" should use this form to apply for Superintendent Certification.
Reciprocity Operators who possess certification in another state or jurisdiction should use this form to request certification reciprocity in Maryland.
Use this form to submit a training event for State approval so it can be used to comply with the certification renewal training requirement.